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Coaching Supervision

Our Philosophy

As coaches, consultants, facilitators and human beings we learn and develop deeper and meaningful understanding by taking time to reflect on our practice, our relationships and our interactions with others.  In an essentially fast paced, energetic and ever changing world it is easy to be swept along by the tide of change and the pressure to deliver the next best thing.  Sometimes this drive for the next step or next action can be so strong that we fail to stop, reflect, consider, debate and more importantly learn about ourselves and the people we engage with. Through supervision we can create a reflective and safe environment in which pausing to consider can offer self awareness and learning and so ensure that our next step forward is both timely, appropriate and ultimately adding value for our clients and their organisations. 

Defining Supervision

In simple terms supervision is regular ring fenced time in which the individual can reflect on all aspects of their practice, where they can receive formal and informal feedback on their work and where the interests of their third party relationship with others and the quality of the work  they do with others is central to the discussion.  Supervision helps the supervisee to take a helicopter view of their work and their relationships with others and with the organisation.

Supervision is not to be confused with coaching and mentoring and one of the main differentiators as we see it is that the focus of attention when coaching or mentoring is on the coachee themselves and their business.  When supervising the focus of attention has an added dimension; that of the supervisees relationship with others; individual and organisational.   In this way supervision really does start to deliver a ‘super' (excellent/over and above) ‘vision' (sight/foresight) on the broader relationships the supervisee is holding.

Benefits of Supervision for the Organisation

  • Helps to build and ensure quality of coaching capability
  • Enables thematic learning to be applied across the organisation
  • Maximise the potential return on investment through developing accountabitlity from coaches
  • Develops learning cultures in organisations

Benefits of Supervision for the Individual

  • Facilitates on going learning and development
  • Maintaining consistency, professionalism and ethical practice
  • Builds and develops confidence, competence and coaching capability
  • Provides objective feedback and an opportunity to reflect on practice
  • Provides guidance, support and challenge

Coaching Supervision Services cover

  • Face to face coaching supervision
  • Group Supervision
  • Telephone supervision
Training & Development quote The teacher, if he is wise, does not teach or bid you enter the house of wisdom but leads you to the threshold of your own mind.
Kahil Gilbran