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SDI® - Strength Deployment Inventory

What is SDI®?


What is SDI?

When two people meet, there are really six people present. There is each man as he sees himself, each man as he wants to be seen, and each man as he really is.

Michael De Saintamo

SDI® helps us to see each other as we really are.

It is a simple inventory that identifies the motivations behind behaviours. It has been developed from over 30 year's research of Elias H Porter in Relationship Awareness Theory. It specifically considers what motivates us when things are going well and what motivates us when things are going less well

How will it help me/my business?

SDI® provides an insight into what makes people tick. This greater awareness and understanding helps increase behavioural effectiveness building positive relationships and overcoming conflict situations. We all know that conflict in all walks of life can be personally draining it can also be a real financial drain in a business context. SDI® provides understanding about what causes conflict between individuals and provides useful insights into how these can be overcome. It encourages us to celebrate and work with our differences not against them.

How does it work?

SDI® is quick and easy to complete and is based around 3 key colours RED, GREEN and BLUE which when blended represent 7 key motivational value systems. This colour theme provides a helpful language in which to describe motivations that crosses many cultures and breaks down barriers.

This powerful inventory can be used in a whole range of context from one-to-one coaching through leadership, team development, conflict management and improving communications.

Development with SDI®

  • One-to-one coaching using SDI® as a framework for better self understanding and improving relationships
  • Performance improvement workshops focussed on communications, conflict, developing team understanding

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