"Growth and development - for all involved."
Jan Brause

Red roses in the rain

Perseverance isn't just the willingness to work hard. It's that, plus the willingness to be stubborn about your own belief in yourself.

Merlin Olsen

Assoication of Coaching Supervisors

Client Quotes

I attended an SDI workshop delivered by Jan. This model needs to be delivered with competence, impact and careful phrasing in order to frame it correctly with the participants. Jan had all of these elements and in addition integrated her performance coaching experience. All this and to an audience of hard bitten trainers who asked all of the really difficult questions. All questions were answered comprehensively.

I really enjoyed this presentation of SDI and learned so much more about it and I have been using it for four years.

Nick Hindley
Perspectives Consultancy Ltd.

Team Leader feedback from coaching sessions:

  • Jan made me really look at myself to see what kind of manager I could be.
  • Jan helped me to realise that I have the ideas for myself and that I am able to find them if I dig deep enough.
  • Jan gave me the tools to be able to problem solve for myself and continue to do so into the future.

Jan consolidated the learning from classroom based modules and brought it to life in the workplace. An excellent exercise!

Joanne Daynes & Deanne Quinn
Customer Service Managers
Capita TVL

Jan worked with Business Link South Yorkshire on the development of Competency Frameworks across the business.

Jan's approach was at all times consistent, methodical and entirely professional. She met with staff from all levels across the organisation to establish key themes and behaviours that were then translated into detailed frameworks for all 5 levels of jobs.

The frameworks are regularly used across the business as part of our performance review process and recruitment practices and positive feedback has been received from managers regarding the relevance of their content.

Andrea Cox
HR Manager
Business Link South Yorkshire

Jan has provided an excellent service for the College.

She quickly understood and captured the essential learning outcomes from the design brief and has delivered an action oriented and stimulating programme that has consistently received positive feedback from staff and managers.

Jonathan Broadhurst
Training & Development Manager
York St John College

Some of the techniques used in the coaching sessions with Jan were quite challenging but I needed this challenge. She made me think things through myself which will help in the future. She also encouraged me to be focused by getting me to agree deadlines so that I went away and actually practised what we had talked about.

As a result of the sessions, I have found a new way to re-energise myself and my confidence has significantly improved.

Adele Poppleton
Senior Development Officer
Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

Jan worked closely with me to develop a specification for a team building programme, which would incorporate active learning methods, closely matched to the needs of my new company. I greatly value her positive, creative approach and my staff feedback was excellent.

We have subsequently built on the approaches that were introduced and have achieved positive outcomes in team cohesion and productivity as a result.

Norah Keany-Corr
Strategic Development Manager
NTP Transmit

Jan provided a series of performance coaching sessions for me by telephone over a 6 month period during 2004. The focus of this coaching was on Performance Improvement both personal and professional.

Jan helped me to recognise and identify my goals and priorities and take action to achieve these. The methods used helped me to discover issues that might be blocking my progress and then identify solutions that would work best for me. I found this process helped to improve my time management and confidence in both my professional and personal life.

Jan's style was supportive and encouraging and I have learned a lot about myself that will help me to continue to be more effective in the future.

An excellent and worthwhile coaching experience.

Carolyn Boyce
Neighbourhood Regeneration
Co-ordinator, Sefton MBC

Jan provided a mentoring and coaching service for me over a 12 month period during the start up of my own catering business.

When I first started with the mentoring sessions I had no idea what to expect and I'm sure that like most people who start a new business, I thought I knew best and didn't need further help.  Without being invasive or demanding Jan showed me that I had the necessary skills and backbone to meet the challenges which I'd previously pushed to one side and therefore strengthened me in the knowledge that my business will be successful. Jan encouraged me to identify my problem areas in the first place and then followed them up in the next mentoring session to see if I had made any progress.  Her tenacity made me shift up a gear!

I have been made to realise my strengths and weaknesses and translate them to my business. I would rate my mentoring experience with Jan a 10 out of 10.

Marieke Biddle
Marikapaprika Catering Services

Jan brings a multi-faceted impact to her coaching.  Overlaying her approach with a quiet confidence, you feel right from the start that she is attuned to minute observations that bring new knowledge and a way forward that couldn't possibly be achieved, otherwise.  Without unnecessary ceremony, her work seems effortless, yet the dramatic results echo in many different ways for a long time after each session.  She has offered me new glasses for sharp vision and I would recommend Jan to anyone who needs a coach.bogle consultancy logo


Philippa Bogle
The Bogle Consultancy

Jan designed and delivered an interactive and challenging training workshop for the consultants of NTP Ltd. The workshop was titled ‘Creative Training Design and Delivery' and focused on exploring, challenging and practicing various applications of designing and delivering training and development programmes.

The workshop emerged from a real business need that was identified by NTP and a need to stretch consultants thinking. Jan undertook a comprehensive diagnostic with the consultants to ensure that the programme met expectations.

The workshop was challenging, inspiring and enabled the team to think about different ideas and concepts of approaching training design and delivery. The workshop helped us to refresh our approach to designing training packages and consequently improve the service to our clients. It was great fun and nothing like the team had ever done before.

‘Fantastic day. I feel inspired'

NTP Transmit

 Liz Bailey
Lead Consultant
Carter and Carter Consultancy, NTP Ltd


The Coaching I received fromJan over a six month period has enabled me to challenge habitual ways of thinking that had been having a negative effect on my working and personal life.  It has also provided me with tools to improve my time mangement skills.

Jan helped me to challenge negative thinking and provided tools to help me understand motivation as well as practical tools to aid time management. The business will also benefit from my improved performance through time and efficiency savings.

Peter Hill
Valuation Team Manager
Public Sector

Jan through her coaching was instrumental in supporting me with dealing with a number of changes in my private and work life.  The coaching gave me legitimacy to the allocation of personal reflective time, which is normally difficult to justify which has been invaluable and the reflective ‘methods' we walked through were excellent. It was superb to be able to be totally self-focused in the presence of a person who was non-judgemental and supportive - it was relatively easy therefore to talk about areas of my work performance which I regard as requiring further development. 

 As a result of this work I have committed to building in reflective time to my working week; I have initiated adjusted work practice with my reportees - attempting to further empower them and I have determined to follow up any issues with my peers immediately and face-to-face.  I found Jan's help in often mirroring back to me what I had said to her enabled real clarification of what my desired outcomes were.

Senior Executive
Public Sector

Jan worked with me on a high performance coaching programme over a period of 3 months.

The process helped me to deal with 'negative baggage' and become refocused and motivated in my role. Clear goals and outcomes were established at the outset and the programme has put these well within reach. I was stretched out of my 'comfort zone' because all issues were brought to the table, nothing was left unturned and I was encouraged to look inside myself for the answers.

I would rate my experience of coaching with Jan a 10 out of 10. Her professional approach and sense of care and sincerity have made an impact on my performance.

David Bennett
Business Advisor
Business Link South Yorkshire

Jan worked with me as an executive coach over a 3 month period. The coaching sessions gave me a better understanding of myself and others as well as highlighting areas I needed to develop. One of the biggest benefits has been creating a firm foundation to move forward with a new management style and using the techniques which were shared with others. Changing my approach to working with colleagues will lead to business improvement.

Jan's approach was highly personal and professional and she was also able to share knowledge and encourage me to relate this to both my personal and professional life. I will certainly call on Jan's services if required in the future and would recommend her to other Managers.

Strategic Manager
Recycling Industry

The key benefit of the Executive Coaching Programme with Jan has been a personal improvement in focus and action which has enhanced the support provided to colleagues and consequently the wider business. Due to the value of some of the tools and techniques used and discussed, it has been possible to pass some of these on to other managers via one to one reviews and team sessions. Benefits have been evident for both the individuals and through their teams.

The key success revolved around an approach of not imposing any method of support until Jan understood what my desired outcomes of the coaching programme were. This called on the use of techniques and structure which assisted the whole process, but with a genuine feeling of the programme being developed around the needs of the individual, as opposed to some predetermined sequence or schedule of events.

Jan is someone who has a real ability to unblock whatever it is that may be standing in your way and negatively affecting your motivation and effectiveness, helping you to help yourself concentrate on the positives and the achievements you can make for yourself and others. She is very able to challenge and provide direct support in a way that does not lead to reliance on the coach, but on the individual to take control of what they need to do for themselves.

Coaching has been first rate. Must be a 9 (plus) out of 10.

Simon Shimmens
Regional Director
Working Links

I attended Jan's session at the Trainerbase conference and really enjoyed it!

We had great fun with the CREATIVE EXCURSION questions at our table (something to do with coconuts and bananas...always good to generate a laugh!!) and for me that really was the power of the exercise; we started to think about something completely different so when we came back to the original task we were able to apply our energised brains and generate so many more new ideas.

My associates and I already make use of a variety of resources to stimulate creativity in training and development andthe process added a new dimension that really appealed to me. It gave structure and purpose to applying creativity to problem solving. It is a method I am sure I will use for myself when I need some help to draw up inspiration and I am delighted that Jan was willing to share this technique with us.

The session was thought provoking, the presentation style held our attention and the mix of presentation and interaction was great...oh, and I loved the goody bags!

Sam Swinstead
Associate Trainer Challenge Manager
Davross Solutions Ltd