"Flexibility - different strokes for different folks."
Jan Brause


What are Competencies?

Competencies allow business to recruit and develop the right people against clearly defined standards. They also provide a framework against which development needs can be identified and development action implemented.

  • Competencies refer to defined behaviours that show people what is expected of them
  • These behaviours are formed through an individual's knowledge, skills and abilities
  • A Competency Framework shows the level of performance against defined areas of competency

Individuals need clarity in their roles in order to perform well and this is where an effective competency framework can add value. The diagram below shows how a competency framework links to the range of functions within a business.

Organisation Development
Future growth
New Opportunities
Recruitment & Selection
Job Description
Role Profiles
Assessment Centres
Performance Review
Past performance
Future improvement
Directional arrow linking COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK LINKS with Organisation DevelopmentDirectional arrow linking COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK LINKS with Recruitment & SelectionDirectional arrow linking COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK LINKS with Performance Review