"Fun - we learn more and are more committed to things that we enjoy."
Jan Brause

Training & Development

What can I expect?

Most of our development interventions are bespoke rather than 'off-the-shelf' and they are always learner focussed. Outcomes are agreed with the client so that results can be delivered whether it's a 1 day workshop or a 10 day change programme. All are focussed on developing the performance of people and adding value in a business context.

The Workshop style will be:

  • challenging
  • focused on the team
  • experiential and practical
  • memorable and fun

Training & Development quote The teacher, if he is wise, does not teach or bid you enter the house of wisdom but leads you to the threshold of your own mind.
Kahil Gilbran

Training & Development Services cover:

  • Design and delivery of a range of development workshops and programmes including:
    • Management Development
    • Strategies for managing personal change
    • Performance Management
    • Coaching and Feedback
    • Leadership skills
    • Train the Trainer
    • Presentation skills
    • Leadership Team Development & Customer Service
    • Facilitation skills
    • Creativity and Innovation at work
    . . . to name a few.
  • All Development is delivered using the principles of accelerated learning to ensure results are immediate and transferable

Research suggests we learn more by being involved and having fun!